Monday, March 2, 2015

Building Layers, Supporting the Bubble, and Making Texture

Once the first few layers had hardened, it became a faster process of building up the collar for Cosmos Cat.  With the basic form in place, I added some "L" brackets to support the bubble.

I want to be able to remove the bubble easily, just in case something happens in the future when Cosmos Cat might need to be repaired or modified.

I continued to build up around the brackets with Hard Molding Paste and created a "fur" ruff to cover the metal brackets and screws.

Checking for fit of bubble onto collar

Checking for fit of bubble onto collar
Original Concept Sketch with Bubble
The fit is getting there.  I still need to build it up in a few spots.

As you can see, I went a little crazy with the hard molding past on Cosmos Cat's head.  There's still a little modeling of his chin remaining, and I'm debating on how much texture to add to the rest of his body.  With his striped pattern, a lot of texture may be too much!

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